Breast Augmentation- General Information

Recently, breast augmentation is gradually becoming part and parcel of cosmetic surgery. However, there are two very important reasons why most women nowadays undergo this procedure. Normally 80 percent of cases are for cosmetic reasons, while the remaining 20 percent are for total breast reconstruction especially after surgery.

However, there some basic questions which need to be asked before one can actually consider embarking on breast augmentation procedures. These include what do you want to implants; what results do you expect to have from breast implants surgery; finally are you prepared for some long-term follow-up and possibly future surgery and the expense that this will entail if needed?

One thing you need to note is that breast augmentation surgery that involves some major invasive surgical procedure which is back by some general anesthetic also with all the basic risks that are usually undertaken. There are two basic types of breast implants, synthetic implants, and natural tissues implants.

Natural tissue implants are commonly used for breast reconstruction surgery. In most instances, they are rarely carried out for cosmetic reasons. With this type of reconstruction, the patient own tissue is used to reconstruct the breasts. Usually, the tissue is taken from the back or the abdomen.

The tissue removed is further attached to the chest and placed into a breast shape. This process should be done by a well-trained surgeon who must carefully remove and redirect the muscles and blood supply so that the new breast can be healthy. Furthermore, this procedure can also involve nipple reconstruction. Normally, the original nipple is removed and reattached to the new breast, so that it can stay healthy.

Synthetic breast implants are of two distinctive types. This can either be a silicone gel or a saline solution. Normally in the past, there are other types but have been abandoned due to the many health complications. It should be recalled that both the saline and the silicone implants are enclosed in a silicone shell. Most women also do not accept cosmetic breast implants.

This includes women under the age of 18, pregnant ladies and those that are breastfeeding, or in extreme cases those that are partially treated for cancer or other infections. However, there are many risks associated with breast augmentation which needs to be considered very seriously before embarking on any breast augmentation surgery. The sole benefit here is simply that it helps boost the woman’s confidence and self-esteem.

One of the known risks associated with breast augmentation is that of capsular contracture. This normally affects averagely 10 to 12 women. This is the point where scar tissues are naturally formed, which causes the implants to harden.

Furthermore, there is the risk of infection which is caused by the many invasive surgeries as a result of the collection of blood around the implant. In this way, the body can safely obtain a certain amount, but if it is taken in much amount, it can pose very serious problems. To solve some of these problems, antibiotics are usually prescribed to the patient.

Also, there is the risk of rupture, even though the risk is however relatively negligible due to the many manufacturing techniques and materials used. The solutions found in the implant are not toxic. The silicone, for instance, remains in its original shape, while the saline solution is gradually absorbed into your body.

All in all, breast augmentation is very popular among many women today, despite the negative images attached to the safety of the breast implants. However, with the improvement in technology, those unsafe implants have been relegated to the background. Modern research is conducted to ensure the safety of this procedure. Thus breast augmentation is very safe and further helps to build a woman’s self-esteem and confidence.


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