Breast Augmentation or Reduction- What are the Implications?

Most people especially women want to look very beautiful, to probably show off some portions of their body. One of such domain is with breast plastic surgery, which is often carried out by contemporary women to enhance their appearance. This plastic surgery often comes in varied form, namely breast lift, breast reduction, or breast enhancement.

Each of this breast surgery has its own unique significance and is used in a particular situation. Normally, breast implants are carried out to enlarge the size of the breast, while breast reduction is commonly used to reduce abnormally big breast that can cause orthopedic pain.

Breast implants are made up of two types known as saline implants and silicone gel implants. With the advent of modernity, there are other very important types available. Today breast augmentation is the third most important cosmetic surgery procedure in the United States. This therefore unequivocally speaks for itself. Thus, the main reason for women’s obsession with their looks, and also the some of the procedures used are indeed safe and effective.

Usually, a breast lift is carried out to reshape sagging breasts, so that they can have a more appealing look. Often used to build up breast drooping, breast lift, when used with breast augmentation, improves the volume. The normal procedure here involves incisions especially in areas around the breast, which might result in scarring.

Also, breast reduction is another very important surgical procedure which includes the reduction of the size of breasts by removing excess fat, skin and granular tissues. It is often carried out in women with sagging, huge breasts who often suffer from orthopedic, breathing, and circulation problems. Even though scarce, obese men with huge breast may go for breast reduction surgery.

Whatever the type of breast surgery, most people nowadays are gradually giving into it. Since there is the use of anesthetic, women, however, find it quite safe to make their breast very attractive at the cost of just little scarring.


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