Breast Enlargement – How to Grow Breasts Naturally

You know how it is, we as humans never seem to be happy with the hand that we are dealt and there is always something that we would change or improve if we could. For women, one of the most common issues is that of breast size or in many cases, the lack of it.

Breast Enlargement

Those of us that have smaller breasts can feel less feminine and lack the confidence of women that have been blessed in that area. It might make us feel envious of those with larger breasts and we may feel we cannot compete with them when it comes to attracting men.

Whilst we really should not worry too much about the size of our breasts, it is, unfortunately, human nature to always want to be attractive. Men themselves also worry about the size of their private parts so it is not just us women.

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So what do we do? Breast enlargement surgery is expensive and we often read horror stories about how some operations go wrong and leave women looking worse than when they actually first went under the knife. We want bigger breasts but we do not want to be a victim of breast implants gone wrong, especially after going through all of that invasive surgery, and often, embarrassment.

On top of that it is so expensive to have surgical implants put in, something that not all of us can afford. You are talking thousands of dollars for something that might not even give you the results that you expected. Many people have paid a vast sum only to be left disappointed.

This leaves many of us wondering if there will ever be a way to learn how to grow breast naturally and safely without putting what we already have at risk. Many of you might actually think that it is impossible to physically change the size of your breasts without using surgery and we can fully understand why.

However, you will actually be surprised to learn that there are a number of methods that you can use to increase the size of your breasts without having to undergo surgery. This can be done through doing anything from taking breast enhancer supplements, doing specific exercises or even through just eating certain types of food.

Breast Enlargement Without Surgery?

It might seem unlikely but there are in fact proven ways to increase the size of your breasts through natural methods. Okay, so you will not turn from an A cup to a D cup overnight like you could with surgery but you can see a gradual and slight increase through using some of these methods.

You do have to remember, however, that the methods will not be something that will happen quickly. Instead, they will involve a slow process that may well see very slight improvements over a certain time period.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the alternative methods at increasing breast size:

Breast Enhancers – These are supplements that usually contain hormones that are said to be incredibly effective at enlarging the size of your breasts. These natural supplements are often shipped with additional topical creams that are then applied to the breasts.

They are perfectly safe and contain nothing except naturally sourced ingredients that will all have benefits to your breast size. The results will not be astounding but you will see a definite improvement if the program is followed correctly. Results are usually expected within three months of following the programs and taking the supplement pills.

Exercises – Though the results will not be all that significant, there are many exercises that have been designed to help increase the size of your breasts. These will usually be exercises aimed at the pectoral muscles which you may already know are located underneath the breasts. By working these muscles, your breasts can, in fact, get larger as well as becoming a lot firmer than they were originally.

We have to stress that you will not see magical results but any gain in size is sure to be better than none at all.

Massages – Though you might feel a little bit silly massaging your breasts on a daily basis, you will actually be surprised to learn that it can work. Massage promotes skin growth, so if it is done once or twice a day on your breasts, you could see some slight improvements in size over time.

Now again, do not go thinking that if you fondle your breasts 20 times a day you are going to see remarkable improvements as this will just not happen. You will however see a decent level of improvement but nothing that is going to require a massive change in your bra size.


Breast enlargement, when done using the methods above, will be safe, painless and completely natural, whilst they will also all be fairly cheap and affordable. This gives you a good alternative to that of stumping up the money for plastic surgery that has no guarantees of the results you will get anyway.

Plastic surgery can be extremely expensive, can leave you in pain and could actually go completely wrong, leaving you out of pocket and with even bigger problems with your breasts rather than just size.

For those reasons, if you do still want to witness your breasts getting larger but without the stress of paying for implants, you really ought to try out the methods of breast enlargement mentioned in this article.

It certainly cannot hurt to at least try the methods out right? You might just be surprised at how much of an improvement you will see. You could soon be walking the streets with your head held high and with your confidence oozing like it never has before. You could then become the envy of other women that are now smaller than you with regards to breast size. I’m positive you will soon be writing a positive review and sharing your success with others who were in your situation!

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