The main causes of sagging breast are mainly the effects of pregnancy coupled with the gravitational force on the body. These can have a very great impact on how a woman’s breast will sag with time. Other causes are the loss of skin elasticity and loss of volume in the breast tissue which can be as a result of several unknown factors. These factors all contribute to breast sagging, but precautions can be taken to avoid them with some simple treatment using essential oils.

Essential oils that, when used on a daily bases, can greatly aid in breast firmness or saggy breast are Geranium Oil, Carrot seed oil, Lemongrass Oil, Almond Oil, Fenugreek Oil and Ylang Ylang Oil. These oils can be used in massaging the breast regularly.

Another type of oil that can enhance breast firmness and well as improve skin texture and tone is virgin oil. Another function of the virgin oil is to help improve skin elasticity and tone the chest to give it some strength.

Grape seed oil is another type of oil that would help in skin tone structure, nourishment and strength


5 drops Virgin Olive Oil
5 drops Geranium Oil
5 drops Ylang Ylang Oil
5 drops Argan Oil
10 drops Almond Oil
5 drops Lemon Oil
5 drops Fenugreek Oil
5 drops Orange Oil
3 drops Lemongrass Oil

Try this Ready mixed specially formulated essential oil blends as Essential Oils for Breast Firming.


Mix all the above oils well as well as store in a dark-coloured glass container away from the sun as well as direct warm.
The texture of the oil is not as well thick. It is smooth as well as very easy to massage and be absorbed into the skin. Use every day morning and also night after shower

Vitamin E Oil And Also Egg Bust Mask
Make a paste containing yogurt, 10 droplets vitamin E oil,10 drops of fenugreek oil also and egg. Apply the paste over your bust as well as apply it in very nicely. Allow the mask settle for about a half an hour. Rinse it off with cool water later on.

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