Breast Health – 8 Things Every Woman Needs to know

The first thing to always do when faced with some serious health challenges is to have a self-care in order to prevent it from reoccurring. Breast Health is an important message that must be shared with everyone. National Breast Cancer Awareness is always commemorated in October as breast cancer awareness month. This, therefore, goes to show the importance attached to breast health.

This is seen by the number of pink ribbons everywhere. These ribbons carry very important messages for women. Some often go like this ’avoid breast cancer and improve your breast health with just a change in lifestyle’. In most instances, we do not control the environment which we live, or better still our own generic risks factor. Recent studies have however proven that women can actually make a significant change in their breast health through physical exercise, diets, and weight management.

The following steps can help optimize you’re the balance of your body hormones and furthermore reduce the risk of having breast cancer, and in addition provides anti-aging, health and disease prevention benefits. Our main focus here should be on the preventive methods, instead of the treatment.

Firstly, we can simply do an evaluation of our hormone levels through a saliva test. The best way to go about this is by doing a premenopausal and postmenopausal test on women to see if there is estrogen imbalance, while testosterone and progesterone are for a saliva test. Science has actually proven that saliva test is the most accurate and easiest method to do this.

Secondly, we can use bio-identical hormones, for those that need hormone supplements. This means that there is a match in the molecular structure of the hormones.

Also, a simple change in our habits by reducing alcohol consumption and quitting smoking is capable of improving your breast health.

Furthermore, your weight can be managed through daily exercise. This is because an average weight is very important in influencing the ratio of estrogen. So too is regular exercise, while on the contrast negative habits like alcohol intake, smoking, use of herbicides and other oral contraceptives might go a long way to shift the ratio in the wrong direction.

A balanced diet in the form of organic food, so that you can avoid herbicides, and pesticides found in meat and dairy products, vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower should always be found in your diet. It should be noted here that vegetables are very active ingredients in the balance of estrogen levels.

All in all, the key to healthy breast includes regular exercise, nutritious diets and above all a complete change in from your old unhealthy lifestyles.

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