Why I Chose Breast Augmentation

For many breast augmentation has never been something which they actually admired to do, instead, it was considered by many to be due to some form of insecurity, or cosmetic surgery. This is because there is absolutely no human being who is going to want their body to be cut open with a knife. But just for the fact that it is going to boost your self-esteem, then it is actually something to give a shot!

After a series of interviews with a few women who had carried out breast augmentation surgery, it really baffles me a little to know that they were not insecure. In fact, they were actually happy to have carried out this surgery. They careless on what others might feel or say, this was their decision to make, not others! They actually know some of the risks involved some had seen or listened to horrible stuff that happened in the past about the safety of those implants in your body.

It feels very painful and had to hear some of these testimonies from women who had been there, done it and live it. However, all these acted as some sort of empowerment. ‘Their skin, their decision to make’, that is simply all I finally gathered from their testimonies. That is exactly when I realized that all the negative vices associated with breast augmentation were actually wrong. This however shaped my opinion a lot and how I see breast augmentation completely changed for good.

However, this does not mean that it is actually the same for everyone, or that the procedures and surgery are going to work just right for me, instead, I took time off to think about it, I finally feel it is the right thing for me to do.

After making up my mind, the next thing now is to go on a search for the best available surgeon for the job. All I gathered was the various diverse methods of undergoing breast augmentation. Additionally, I also learned about the different kinds of implants. Also, I had a glimpse of the legal implications associated with certain types of breast implants, especially the silicone-based implant.

Furthermore, I learned about the different mechanism which the doctors/surgeons used in marketing themselves. This includes ads that simply attest to everything that I thought was bad or wrong. In fact, there were some that were very intelligent.

Meeting with different people with diverse opinion really sounded like they cared so much, so it aided me in my decision since most of them provided the answered to my numerous questions and thoughts. They actually gave me some of the advantages as well as the disadvantages of some of the techniques of breast augmentation surgery, to make sure that the implants are intact.

Even though it took me quite some time to make up my mind, I was actually happy because I made the right chose. More so, I felt great listening to those other women’s experience about breast augmentation.



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