Effective Breast Lifting and Breast Firming

Effective Breast Lifting and Breast Firming Techniques

We as women always seem to be overly concerned with our bodies; if it is not one thing then it is something else. That is just how we as women work unfortunately, even from a young age. We want to be taller, we want to be skinnier, we want to be prettier, we want to be darker and we want to have nice breasts that are big and firm.Effective Breast Lifting and Breast Firming

The problem is that these issues and concerns only get greater with age, especially with regards to our breasts.

When we get older, lose weight and even after we have given birth to a baby or two, our breasts can start to sag and become droopy. This leads to us starting to feel insecure about how they look, resulting in us wearing clothes that we would not normally wear and being far less confident in front of the mirror.

There are surgical operations that we can undergo to help with this but these tend to be expensive, can be quite painful and can even lead to disastrous results that are irreversible.

So you are probably wondering if there are any effective breast lifting and breast firming techniques, or methods that can be done to rescue your breasts from their sagging hell? Well you’ll be pleased to know that there are! Read on…

So How Can I Naturally Firm and Lift My Breasts?

There are many ways that you can improve the firmness and appearance of your breasts, whilst you could also increase the size if you so wished. Some of the ways you can help to firm up your breasts have been listed below:

  • Use Pectoral Exercises – These exercises work on the muscles which are called pectorals. This can be found right beneath your breasts, so by working them you could actually firm them up and even see an improvement in size.

The best way to do this is through push-ups as they specifically target the pectoral muscles. You could also try doing weight lifting if you feel like you need a bit of a change. This is definitely one of the better methods for breast firming.

  • Massage Breasts With Olive Oil – Massaging your breasts at least twice a week with olive oil is another great way to reduce the sagging in them. Olive oil has wonderful properties that can add firmness to your skin and also helps by drawing blood right up to the surface of your skin. This then stimulates additional muscle growth, which can result in a firming and lifting affect on your breasts.

For added fun, you could even have your husband or boyfriend to help you with the massage, we are fairly sure he will love the idea too.

  • Do Yoga – Unless you live in a cave on a long lost island, you will probably have already heard about yoga and the massive benefits that it has for our bodies. Though you might think that it is only really beneficial to our flexibility, you would be surprised to learn that it is also great at firming and toning up our breasts.

Make sure you do the yoga exercises that concentrate on your upper body and you could be on the way to much firmer breasts that no longer sag like they used to.

  • Ice Massage – Another simple yet effective way to increase the levels of firmness in your breasts is by simply massaging ice into them. Grab a couple of cubes a few times a week and rub them into your breasts in a circular fashion for just a minute or two, not any longer as the skin on the breast is very sensitive.

Once you are done, quickly put your bra on straight away as this can force the breasts up into a more lifted position whilst the cold does its work.

  • Sit With Good Posture – Bad posture is actually another reason as to why breasts can sag, simply because you are always crouched over and not giving them any support. This hanging without support will literally see gravity pull them down. So instead practice sitting with good posture to give your breasts a nice platform and to prevent them from sagging so much. Breast lifting naturally through this method is probably the easiest of all.
  • Use a Breast Mask – Breast masks also work very well and literally require you to wear them once a week. They can be made using a grinded cucumber that has been mixed with an egg yolk to make is a sticky consistency. Throw in a bit of butter and mix them all together until you are left with a paste. Apply the paste to your breasts and just sit for about twenty minutes before washing it off.

Home Remedies

These days there are home remedies for just about anything, even that of helping you to firm up and lift your breasts. They usually contain natural ingredients that have excellent benefits that can result in firmer breasts.

Usually, these will be part of a program where you take a daily supplement, perform exercises and massage the breasts. These supplements are probably the most effective breast lifting and breast firming methods available but they will be the most expensive compared to the others that have been mentioned.

Still, when we are in search of perfect breasts, the money really should not matter if we get the results that we are looking forward.

Final Thoughts

Through using the effective breast lifting and breast firming techniques above, you could eventually find yourself with a perfect breast or two under your shirt. Do remember to be patient however and not to expect dramatic results with any method.

You are more likely to see slow and gradual results but we are pretty sure that when you do, you will think that it has all been worth it.

If you have any concerns before trying these methods then please consult with your doctor first before getting started.


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